Release Goals

Allen Winter winter at
Sun Nov 2 13:29:23 CET 2008


Here are the Release Goals for 4.2.
Please send me an update on them:  keep;  remove; move to 4.3 Goals
Also, please send me any 4.3 Goals that you have.

* KDevelop and KDevplatform modules
^^ late, but will sorta be part of 4.2.  right?

* Decibel VOIP and real-time communication framework

* Plasmagik plasma packages and add-on creator

* More polished Kopete
^^ looks done to me

* [ KBlogger] for KDE-PIM
^^^ Move to 4.3 goals

* Eigen 2 in kdesupport, use it in edu/office/games
^^ done, right?

* Lots of smaller features
^^ of course

* Modal (VI like) editing in Kate/KDevelop
^^ definitely lots of work here.  so keep

* Much improved Ark

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