Move extragear/plasma to a new main module.

Sebastian Kügler sebas at
Tue May 20 12:29:32 CEST 2008

On Tuesday 20 May 2008 12:07:12 Dirk Mueller wrote:
> On Sunday 18 May 2008, Tom Albers wrote:
> > We discussed this earlier. Can we move extragear/plasma to a new kde main
> > module kdeplasmoids (or some other name) ?
> isn't there at least one plasmoid in there that is supposed to work? nobody
> says that we have to include all of extragear-plasma :)

Sure there are. The ones not working can be fixed, we have two months to do 
that, it should be enough.

I've fixed frame and binary clock until now, twitter is being worked on (it 
already works better than two days ago). The EBN plasmoid can go away, it 
doesn't do much more than displaying an RSS feed, and we have two other 
applets to do just that.

All in all, we can have a pretty fine module with those plasmoids.

> I still think its a good idea to have a kdeplasmoids module that is
> released together with KDE, as it avoids the constant api breakages we had
> with extragear-plasma being in sync with /trunk and not compiling with any
> branch.
> I was contacted lately on how to do extragear-plasma releases together with
> KDE, I think this is the way to go.
> > Does anyone actually object? Shall we pick a date to do the move?
> Identify which plasmoids we can pick up and do it (IMHO).

EBN should probably go away, it hasn't seen much love anyway. The rest of the 
applets that are currently in extragear should stay (and thus move).

Alex, you were the last to put work (non-trivial porting that is) into the 
EBN. What do you think should happen to this plasmoid?
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