the future of kdetoys

Stefan Böhmann kde at
Fri May 9 13:01:30 CEST 2008


kmoon, fifteenapplet and eyesapplet were allready removed when I wrote (more 
precisely when I send) my mail. Sorry for that.

On 5/7/08, Stefan Böhmann <kde at> wrote:
> When the new plasma based world clock is ready in time for kde 4.1 also
> kworkdclock could be moved to tags/unmaintained/4. But I couldn't find the
> plasma applet in the svn repository so I have no idea which state it
> currently has. However - I wrote Henry a mail too, to point out this thread
> to him. Maybe he can brief us about his work and further plans.

I've got a reply from Henry and he asked to forward his mail:

On Thursday, 8. May 2008 20:38:30 Henry de Valence wrote:

> The worldclock applet I'm making is located in
> KDE/kdeedu/marble/src/plasmoid . Anyways, I took a break from working
> on it because I'd got stuck, but I'm going to have another go starting
> on Monday, as I'm really busy this week(end). And KDE 4.1 is coming
> up, so I should really get it done.
> Basically there are two things I need to do:
> (1) Fix it so that it works with plasma / compiles. Plasma (and
> Marble) changed since I wrote the first part, so I need to do some
> minor changes there. Not really a big deal.
> (2). Implement the ``clock'' part. This is done in the original
> KWorldClock by setting and unsetting environment variables, which I
> gather (I'm kinda new at this) is a bad thing to do. I couldn't figure
> out how KTimezone works though (that's what I got stuck on) so I need
> to figure that out.
> If you could forward this along to the mailinglist it would be great;
> I'm really busy and don't want to subscribe and then set up all the
> filters etc etc. As for the second thing, I don't see any problems
> with dissolving kdetoys.


On Friday, 9. May 2008 00:38:18 Allen Winter wrote:
> > 5. kworldclock
> > kworldclock seems to be ok for the moment, but didn't have a maintainer.
> > Also Henry de Valence works on a new plasma based world clock (see [3]).
> So kill this one too.

Just done by moving kworldclock to tags/unmaintained/4.

> > 8. kteatime
> > I ported this application to KDE4 and took care of it since then.
> No objections to moving kteatime into kdeutils, if Friedrich is ok with
> that. Or to extragear.

Ok - I prefer to move kteatime and amor to extragear/utils. 

If there are no objections we then have only ktux and kweather in kdetoys. 
Because I don't know how to handle this applications I need your help. Else a 
alternative solution could be to keep kdetoys for KDE 4.1 of course.

However - I need your help anyway because I have no network connection as of 
tomorrow for the next ~14 days. Also I don't know how to handle for example 
the documentation of moved apps. So sorry - but I have to ask for someone 
with more knowledge (also for handling ktux and kweather).

Thanks in advance.

 - Stefan

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