Phonon backends, was Re: Goals? How are we doing?

Matthias Kretz kretz at
Mon May 5 21:14:51 CEST 2008

On Monday 05 May 2008, Sebastian Kuegler wrote:
> On Monday 05 May 2008 16:46:48 Allen Winter wrote:
> > Here's a list of our goals for 4.1.
> > Please provide a status update, if you can:
> >
> > - GStreamer, Quicktime, DirectShow9 Phonon backends
> This is something seems not solved yet. From re-reading related
> discussions, I gather that the release strategy of Phonon looks like
> Matthias describes:
> On Saturday 29 March 2008 11:36:41 Matthias Kretz wrote:
> > On releases:
> > - libphonon gets released with KDE and Qt. KDE 4.0 shipped libphonon 4.0,
> > Qt 4.4 will ship libphonon 4.1, KDE 4.1 will ship libphonon 4.2
> > - phonon-xine will only get released with KDE
> > - phonon-gstreamer get's released with Qt, but I will look into whether
> > we want to release phonon-gstreamer with KDE 4.1, too
> > - phonon-qt/ds will only get released with Qt unless some KDE-Windows/Mac
> > developer wants to do something there
> Last signs on core-devel said that the phonon backends in kdereview
> required a newer Qt version than qt-copy at that point in time. I assume
> that as soon as 4.4 hits qt-copy that is solved (or maybe it even is
> already, status?). So those backends could then go with libphonon 4.2 into
> ...
> The question is wether we want to release the backends in kdebase or in
> extragear?
> The QuickTime7 backend won't build outside Qt, so we won't release it (and
> it probably doesn't make much sense to do so anyway). The question is how
> much sense it makes to have our own releases for those backends as well. It
> would be worth it when we want to add features and require them, and Qt
> cannot be updated in the meantime. Not sure about the DS9 backend.
> In any case, those backends have been in kdereview forever, which isn't
> good.

I'd like to move the gstreamer backend out of kdereview and into either 
kdemultimedia or kdebase for KDE 4.1.

After 4.1, I think phonon and its backends will have to release independently 
of KDE.

The GStreamer backend for 4.1 has an important difference to the one in Qt4.4: 
It integrates correctly into the device preference settings - just like the 
phonon xine backend does already.

I don't want to move any of the other backends as I don't work on those and 
can't test them. As I don't know of any KDE people working on them or anybody 
interested in getting them into a KDE 4.1 release I see no point in moving 
them to a KDE module. They just need some open repository until Phonon has 
found its right place.

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