Phonon backends, was Re: Goals? How are we doing?

Sebastian Kuegler sebas at
Mon May 5 20:43:07 CEST 2008

On Monday 05 May 2008 16:46:48 Allen Winter wrote:
> Here's a list of our goals for 4.1.
> Please provide a status update, if you can:
> - GStreamer, Quicktime, DirectShow9 Phonon backends

This is something seems not solved yet. From re-reading related discussions, I 
gather that the release strategy of Phonon looks like Matthias describes:

On Saturday 29 March 2008 11:36:41 Matthias Kretz wrote:
> On releases:
> - libphonon gets released with KDE and Qt. KDE 4.0 shipped libphonon 4.0,
> Qt 4.4 will ship libphonon 4.1, KDE 4.1 will ship libphonon 4.2
> - phonon-xine will only get released with KDE
> - phonon-gstreamer get's released with Qt, but I will look into whether we
> want to release phonon-gstreamer with KDE 4.1, too
> - phonon-qt/ds will only get released with Qt unless some KDE-Windows/Mac
> developer wants to do something there

Last signs on core-devel said that the phonon backends in kdereview required a 
newer Qt version than qt-copy at that point in time. I assume that as soon as 
4.4 hits qt-copy that is solved (or maybe it even is already, status?). So 
those backends could then go with libphonon 4.2 into ...

The question is wether we want to release the backends in kdebase or in 

The QuickTime7 backend won't build outside Qt, so we won't release it (and it 
probably doesn't make much sense to do so anyway). The question is how much 
sense it makes to have our own releases for those backends as well. It would 
be worth it when we want to add features and require them, and Qt cannot be 
updated in the meantime. Not sure about the DS9 backend.

In any case, those backends have been in kdereview forever, which isn't good.
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