KNewStuff2/DXS Status (was Goals? How are we doing?)

jeremy at jeremy at
Mon May 5 18:19:31 CEST 2008

Allen, others,

Sorry, didn't subscribe until after you asked, but here's the current status 
of KNewStuff2/DXS.

KNewStuff2 is currently very complete as far as using http providers like kde-,, etc.  Caching (feature mentioned on the 4.1 goal page) 
is fairly stable, but could use more testing when used with DXS.  I don't see 
anyone needing/wanting this yet, except Kalzium, but it'll probably wait until 
Categories are implemented also.

The ui changes/fixes will be in place shortly assuming Goya makes it into 
kdereview and then kdelibs in time.  Otherwise, it'll have to wait until 4.2 

DXS Implementation is getting there, currently, viewing, downloading, setting 
comments, viewing comments, etc. works.  New providers can be set up pretty 
quickly on (which will hopefully soon be aliased as  The server there is a test server, but with pointing there, it should be trivial to switch to a server of 
our own once we show sysadmin the need for one, we already have daily backups 
of the database, and possibly web-content (Josef, feel free to clarify) to KDE 

Categories is another thing that has been designed, but not implemented 
completely yet.  I'll try to get this in this week, but otherwise it'll have 
to wait until 4.2 also.  A couple games and Kalzium would like this very much.

So I guess my priorities for release are as follows:
1. DXS working as well as http does (wrt caching and registry).
2. Ui fixes if goya makes it into kdelibs in time.
3. Categories support.

I'll do my best to get all of them done.


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