Non-C++ Apps in KDE Main Modules (Was: Guidance in KDE Admin)

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Fri Mar 28 09:30:41 CET 2008


 The short answer is that I'd like to not see such apps in the main 
modules. With main I mean something that you must build and install to 
have a usable KDE.

On Thursday 27 March 2008, Allen Winter wrote:
> Do we allow Python/Ruby/C#/Perl etc. apps in the KDE main modules?
> If so, which ones and why?
I think kdelibs is out of question. :)

> For the language
> 1)  must have a  mature, working, kde binding (i.e. there isn't a
> working perl binding IIRC)

Here is one of the main problems: those apps will work only if you have 
their bindings installed. But the bindings need to be generated whenever 
something changes in the libraries, so you might end up with a none-
working app in a main module because the bindings were not yet updated.

My other concern is speed and memory usage. If we start to have a mix of 
different scripting applications that you have to run in order to have a 
usable KDE... I have no problems having extensions or even full apps in 
those languages as long as I am not forced to run them. 

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