Soft freeze on April 7th

Matt Rogers mattr at
Mon Mar 17 03:31:03 CET 2008

On Sunday 16 March 2008 15:52:51 Mauricio Piacentini wrote:
> According to the schedule, we have a soft freeze on April 7th. For KDE
> Games, I want to be sure I know what this means. We have some games in
> playground yet, others in kdereview. Do we need to have all apps that
> will be in 4.1 in the main module before this date? Or can they be still
> in kdereview/playground and be moved before the hard freeze on May?
> Regards,
> Mauricio Piacentini

It means that any new feature (including new apps or APIs) should at least be 
on the feature list by April 7th if you want to add it after that date. At 
least, this is what I meant when I wrote it. 

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