What is a Module Coordinator?

Richard Moore richmoore44 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 19 01:00:56 CET 2008

On 1/17/08, Allen Winter <winter at kde.org> wrote:
> Here's a quick list to start with:
> + help determine release schedules
> +communicate release schedules with the module developers
> + provide feedback from developers to the Release Team
> + review new applications for inclusion in the module
> + review old, unmaintained applications for removal from the modules
> + review external dependencies for the module
> + help set and review goals for major and feature releases
> + a module coordinator is NOT:
>   - the module police
>   - the final authority
>   - the maker of rules
>   - management
> Comments? Suggestions?  Should I have lose my coordinatorship? :)

I like your list! I'd add, that they're the primary point of contact
for the release team concerning issues with the module.



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