[24h] 6 months release schedule, 4.1 in July

Stephan Kulow coolo at kde.org
Thu Jan 17 09:12:21 CET 2008

Am Donnerstag 17 Januar 2008 schrieb Kevin Ottens:
> Le jeudi 17 janvier 2008, Stephan Kulow a écrit :
> > Just in case you care: openSUSE would have a problem with September
> Doesn't it have a problem with July also?
> Well, at least 11.0 is announced for June 19, but maybe it's not set in
> stone.

No, that is. But with a release in mid june and a 4.1 in mid july we could
offer a prerelease and then users can easily update to the final online.

With a september release this would mean, the june SVN/release would be 
too far away from the final to make this a valid option. And a september
.0 release would make it also harder to integrate it then into the next
release - .0 releases are evil and surely not what you want to have in
unless you're fond of fixing all the issues yourself (speaking from a 
distribution point of view).

Greetings, Stephan

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