Move kwalletmanager?

Thomas Zander zander at
Fri Jan 11 00:52:57 CET 2008

On Thursday 10 January 2008 15:37:33 Allen Winter wrote:
> I think we should move kwalletmanager from kdeutils into kdebase/apps.
> The kwallet seems like a critical app that should always be available
> in our base system.

Hmm, in the normal user experience there is actually nothing that 
kwalletmanager provides that I call critical. 
The only think I know of is opening your wallet and reading passwords when 
konqueror or kmail fail to get them correctly. I'm assuming you don't 
think that creating/managing a second or 3th wallet is critical ;)

What usecase did you have in mind for calling it critical? Or, what can't 
you do without it being installed?

As always we need to draw the line somewhere; and I'm not convinced 
kwalletmanager falls in the boundaries of 'critical' at all. There is no 
functionality that falls away in other apps when you don't have it 
(passwords storage and retrieval continues to work) unlike, for example, 
the helpcenter.

So, I'd love to see the above question about what usecases you consider 
missing right now when users don't have kdeutils installed answered. Just 
to be on the same page when we talk about this suggestion.

Thomas Zander
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