KDE 4.1 planning

Riccardo Iaconelli riccardo at kde.org
Tue Jan 8 18:03:56 CET 2008

On Tuesday 08 January 2008 17:17:45 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On Tuesday 08 January 2008, Dirk Mueller wrote:
> > On Tuesday 08 January 2008, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> > > if we do go for a june/july release of 4.1 perhaps we can also use that
> > > as a learning experience to see just how well it does work (though
> > > understanding that we do have a unusual load of 90% done stuf =).
> >
> > could you list the "load of 90% stuff" explicitely please? That would be
> > an excellent list of release goals for 4.1.
> * windows port
> * mac port
> (both work, but both have rough edges before they can really be
> considered "production" ... progress is good, though; kontact now works at
> is most basic level on windows as of the other day, including checking mail
> =)
> * functional solaris build (again, mostly working .. mostly rough edges and
> dependencies)
> * plasma with WoC instead of its own widgets system, completed ZUI and
> webkit-on-canvas (we actually have code for the latter already ready to go,
> including a loader for apple dashboard widgets)
> * pim apps getting akonadi backends
> * decibel
> * kopete (essentially works now, but afaik still has rough edges as well)
> * file views in dolphin/konq/kfiledialog are really only 95% feature
> complete * various shared tidbits like shared servicemenus; David did a
> good amount of that work in time for 4.0 but there is still a bit left to
> do
> * kdevelop and kdevplatform (they might actually be more 75% there, i need
> to check in on that project again and brush up on what the exact status is
> now) * GHNS2+DXS
> * plasmagik application add-on creator (the creator's end of GHNS2)
> and then, of course, there are all the apps which are pretty well bristling
> with possibilities for quick feature adds. trivial example: konsole had
> the "output to multiple terminals" feature pulled just before 4.0 due to it
> almost-but-not-quite working, requiring some deeper work that Robert didn't
> feel he could get in time for 4.0. so that's a feature that's actually
> mostly complete in the code, just needs some additional work.
> kde + linuxmce integration should also be ready for a summer release,
> including their new qt based ui and plasma components.
> gwenview is similar. the games and edu team are both chomping at the bit
> for 4.1 as well, but i don't have the level of detail for them that their
> team leaders would though i did read over the games project's 4.1 goals
> draft which they are working on and it looks to be a pretty exciting
> release for them.
> and that's just off the top of my head =)

Exactly ;-)

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