disabling kdenetwork/lanbrowsing for 4.0.0

Tom Albers tomalbers at kde.nl
Wed Jan 2 16:22:25 CET 2008

Op woensdag 2 januari 2008 16:18 schreef u:
> Hi,
> in kdenetwork there is lanbrowsing/, which consists of:
> -the lisa daemon, a daemon which basically scans the local network for IP 
> addresses which respond to ping packets, and which cooperates with other lisa 
> daemons in the network
> -the lan:/ ioslave, which queries the lisa daemon, and which check (on demand) 
> the samba, nfs, http, and ssh ports on a host to offer these services of a 
> host as directories via kio
> -a control module for all that
> I wrote that in KDE 2 times, and more or less since end of 2002 I didn't 
> really work on it, especially not for KDE 4. In the meantime there are 
> technologies like Zeroconf, which should be able to do the same job, just 
> better.
> Therefor I'd like to disable lanbrowsing from kdenetwork for the 4.0.0 
> release, patch attached.
> Ok ?
> Alex


Thanks for informing this list. Do you plan to work on it in the future? 
If not, I think it is better to move it to /tags/unmaintained/4 
If you do, we might consider moving it to playground for now. 
What do you think?

Tom Albers	

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