Tobias Hunger tobias.hunger at basyskom.de
Wed Feb 13 19:13:36 CET 2008

Hello everybody!

Sorry, I am not aware of the KDE specific ways, so some things might have
been handled in a suboptimal way. I'm sorry for that and am sure that it
won't happen again, now that Allen has his thumb on integration

> On Tuesday 12 February 2008, Allen Winter wrote:
>> Tobias can answer for sure, but there is a server and a client
>> in kdereview/decibel.  So maybe the work branch can be
>> removed now??
> Can we clarify that before moving things around in svn?

I ported pending patches to branches/work/decibel to kdereview/decibel and
removed the work branch yesterday evening. So this confusion should be
over now, with only playground/kdepim/decibel and kdereview/decibel being

The move to playground happened because people told me to do that at
akademy. I asked around in #kde-devel and was told that it just has to be
copied into playground and that the work branch should stay around just in

>> Hmm.. we had been planning to put Decibel into kdepim, or maybe
>> kdenetwork.
>> But kdebase might be better.  Opinions?
> where is the discussion? was this on k-c-d?

#kde-devel again.

Actually I am not very well suited to make this decision, as I know too
little of the big picture on inter module dependencies. I can only
describe the dependencies of Decibel:-|

> basically, kopete and kdepim might depend on decibel the runtime daemon.
> which
> makes it impossible to place it in either kdepim or kdenetwork alone.
> However, moving it to kdebase-runtime adds a lot of dependencies
> (decibel's
> dependencies) to kdebase for little effect.

What is in kdepim that should depend on Decibel? Decibel should store
information in akonadi (I already discussed this with Volker), everything
else can just pick up presence information there without any need to
depend on Decibel. Only apps that want to open up communication channels
do need to depend directly on Decibel.

I do see the need for stuff in KDE network to depend on Decibel though. My
guess is that it will be best put there. If decibel usage spreads to other
modules it can still get moved... or does it have to stay in the same
module for the complete KDE 4 cycle?

I still have one question: I do expect Decibel to evolve a lot once
somebody but me actually uses it. Will that be a problem once it is in
trunk? What are the requirements for API/ABI stability once it moves

Best Regards,

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