Dirk Mueller mueller at kde.org
Wed Feb 13 20:04:10 CET 2008

On Wednesday 13 February 2008, Tobias Hunger wrote:

> The move to playground happened because people told me to do that at
> akademy. I asked around in #kde-devel and was told that it just has to be
> copied into playground and that the work branch should stay around just in
> case.

Thats fine, thanks for clarifying the intention of the different code 

> What is in kdepim that should depend on Decibel? Decibel should store
> information in akonadi (I already discussed this with Volker), everything
> else can just pick up presence information there without any need to
> depend on Decibel.

Okay, one thing less to worry about. I'm just bringing it up because Allen 
Winter mentioned that kdepimlibs (?) might need decibel in the future. 

> I do see the need for stuff in KDE network to depend on Decibel though. My
> guess is that it will be best put there. If decibel usage spreads to other
> modules it can still get moved... or does it have to stay in the same
> module for the complete KDE 4 cycle?

It doesn't have to, but it makes it definitely a lot more difficult to move it 
to a different module if it was part of a KDE release. not so much for us, 
but for translations, packagers, users (who then can not do partial KDE 
version updates). Moves are bad. 

> I still have one question: I do expect Decibel to evolve a lot once
> somebody but me actually uses it. Will that be a problem once it is in
> trunk? What are the requirements for API/ABI stability once it moves
> there?

It cannot change in a backward binary incompatible way. 

From what I briefly know about decibel, I don't think it should be in KDE 4.1. 
It does definitely make sense for applications to optionally depend on it, 
but it shouldn't be part of KDE 4.1 imho to be able to iron out the API. I'm 
in no way in the position to judge that though - if you're saying the API is 
finalized then it should be API reviewed and merged. 

This should be done by sending a mail to kde-core-devel about that topic (if 
not done already, sorry I'm a bit behind with that). 


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