kdesupport Policy

Mark Constable markc at renta.net
Tue Aug 26 12:01:34 CEST 2008

On 2008-08-26, Riccardo Iaconelli wrote:
> > That's correct.  And if someone complains we can say that "you are using a
> > development version of Foo which is not supported in KDE yet.  please
> > remove that version and use the one from your distro instead..."

Different distro's have different versions of various packages
according to how nimble and strict they are towards updates. It
would only work if everyone used, say, Kbuntu 8.04.1 as a reference
system... but that would upset eveyone else that did not.

> I'm not sure I will like this idea.
> First off, it will break many (all?) scripts, including the widely used 
> kdesvn-build.

It would most likely ruin my scripts ability to automatically
build daily Archlinux packages.

As a suggestion, all of trunk/kdesupport could probably be
replaced with a single file, say trunk/KDE/kdesupport, that
had an easily parsable and RELIABLY updated list of required
dependencies plus the current expected version number...

 admin 1.1.1
 akode 1.1.1
 akonadi 1.1.1
 automoc 1.1.1
 cpptoxml 1.1.1
 decibel 1.1.1
 eigen 1.1.1
 eigen2 1.1.1
 emerge 1.1.1
 kdewin-installer 1.1.1
 kdewin32 1.1.1
 phonon 1.1.1
 qca 1.1.1
 qimageblitz 1.1.1
 soprano 1.1.1
 strigi 1.1.1
 taglib 1.1.1
 tapioca-qt 1.1.1
 telepathy-qt 1.1.1
 twine 1.1.1

a 3rd field with the URL of the upstream source would be nice
but at least something like the above would suffice. If this
proved to be a workable solution then perhaps trunk/kdesupport/
could be removed altogether.


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