kdesupport Policy

Allen Winter winter at kde.org
Sat Aug 23 01:18:40 CEST 2008


The recent build problems in our kdesupport package dependencies
needs to be addressed.

I think we need to treat kdesupport libs just like any other external dependency.

Something like the following guidelines:

No KDE code (in trunk) changes should be necessary until:
 - a real release of the kdesupport package has been made AN
 - that release has been packaged by the "major" distros AND
 - an announcement about the needed upgrade is made in advance AND
 - people have had time (30 days?) to upgrade to the new packages

For example:
  libfoo v1.0 is released.
  kde-packagers are notified to please provide packages for their distros.
  kde-devel and kde-code-devel are notified that within 30 days their
  builds will fail unless they have libfoo v1.0 installed -- that the distros
  have been notified and we hope packages will start appearing soon.

People wanting to develop against libfoo v1.0 will need to do so in a work branch.

I need to get out of the habit of building kdesupport all the time -- we should
be relying on distro packages where possible.


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