Requesting authorization to add one missing feature to Gwenview planned feature list

Aurélien Gâteau aurelien.gateau at
Wed Apr 23 23:19:54 CEST 2008


We are now in soft feature freeze, but I would like to be authorized to add
one small feature to Gwenview planned feature list.

The feature I want to add is a "start page". I got this idea while working
on Gwenview user research profile page on techbase. Since users usually
store their images in a few sets of folders, I would like to make it
convenient to reach these folders.
The "start page" would be shown when you start Gwenview without any
parameter. It would greet you with a web-like page, providing two columns
of folders: one for the bookmarks and the other for the last visited
folders. Something like this:

          Welcome to Gwenview

# Places             # Last visited folders
- Home               - Pictures/2008/Clara Birthday
- Pictures           - Pictures/2008/Holidays
- Network            - Pictures/Wallpapers
- Root                 ...
- Trash

I think it would greatly improve the application usability and is not
difficult to implement. Is it ok for you if I add it to the list?


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