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Nicolas Ternisien nicolas.ternisien at gmail.com
Fri Apr 18 17:41:18 CEST 2008


I would like if I find some time to modify KDiskfree to port it to
Solid and convert it to a Plasmoid (like the New device notifier

The kdf project contains :
- Kwikdisk which could be replaced by a Plasmoid.
- KDiskFree which could be removed (as KInfocenter already contain a
KCModuleInfo about existing partitions (even if this part first need
to be improved by using Solid too))

What do you think about this ?

Nicolas Ternisien

On Fri, Apr 18, 2008 at 5:32 PM, Friedrich W. H. Kossebau
<kossebau at kde.org> wrote:
> Hi,
>  as the coordinator for the modul kdeutils I tried to get an overview about
>  what is in there. Following are my findings, which call for some action and,
>  before that, your comments, please:
>  A) Working AFAIK, with reconfirmed maintainer:
>  * Ark - Archiving tool (not yet confirmed, but was maintained by Henrique
>  Pinto for 4.0, so I am optimistic it still is)
>  * KCalc - scientific calculator
>  * KGpg - graphical GPG frontend
>  * kjots - manages several "books" with a subject and notes
>  * Okteta - binary file editor
>  * SuperKaramba - version of Karamba with python scripting
>  Fine, no problems here.
>  B) Working to great parts AFAIK, but without a maintainer:
>  * kcharselect - select special characters from any fonts and put them into the
>  clipboard (applet variant still needs porting to plasma)
>  * kdessh - front end to ssh
>  * kdiskfree - like 'df', a graphical free disk space viewer (+kwikdisk)
>  * kfloppy - format a floppy disks with this program
>  * ktimer - execute programs after some time
>  * kwallet - KDE wallet management tool
>  * sweeper - cleans unwanted traces the user leaves on the system
>  These programs got ported by our main v3->v4 porters and some, but then noone
>  really cares for them.
>  I guess at least for the privacy and security related programs KWallet and
>  Sweeper we should try to find dedicated maintainers.
>  KFloppy and kcharselect would be sad to loose, too.
>  The rest would be not that critical to loose, but still:
>  KDF might get kicked to kdebase/something and become merged with the partition
>  info module, the other functionality (un-/mounting partitions) might already
>  be served by some plasmoid(?).
>  KTimer might have a small user community and could be turned into a plasmoid,
>  e.g. merged with a tea timer or some other clock functionality.
>  Of what use is kdessh?
>  C) Not working/not compiled and without maintainer:
>  * klaptopdaemon - battery and power management, including KControl plugins
>  * kdelirc - frontend for the Linux Infrared Remote Control system
>  * kmilo - kded module to support various types of hardware input devices
>  * ksim - plugin based system monitor
>  I have no clue what these four submodules do exactly.
>  I suppose that ksim is obsoleted by solid+some plasmoids.
>  KDELirc and klaptopdaemon look like they should better end in Solid and
>  kdebase/workspace/kcontrol/.
>  kmilo might be a candidate for that, too?
>  I guess we agree that every program should have some kind of active
>  maintainer, some people who feel responsible for it and have sufficient
>  knowledge about it, if it is included in a KDE module.
>  So I would like to make a public call for maintainers for the programs listed
>  as unmaintained above. And given that May 19th is Hard Feature Freeze, I
>  would move all programs which will not find an active maintainer until May
>  1st to tags/unmaintained/4.
>  Where should the call be done? dot.kde.org, commit-digest or/and kde-devel?
>  What would be the effect to promotion (look, they loose maintainers, not
>  future-proof)?
>  Your input please.
>  Thanks
>  Friedirch
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