kdeutils cleanup

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at kde.org
Fri Apr 18 17:32:53 CEST 2008


as the coordinator for the modul kdeutils I tried to get an overview about 
what is in there. Following are my findings, which call for some action and, 
before that, your comments, please:

A) Working AFAIK, with reconfirmed maintainer:
* Ark - Archiving tool (not yet confirmed, but was maintained by Henrique 
Pinto for 4.0, so I am optimistic it still is)
* KCalc - scientific calculator
* KGpg - graphical GPG frontend
* kjots - manages several "books" with a subject and notes
* Okteta - binary file editor
* SuperKaramba - version of Karamba with python scripting

Fine, no problems here.

B) Working to great parts AFAIK, but without a maintainer:
* kcharselect - select special characters from any fonts and put them into the 
clipboard (applet variant still needs porting to plasma)
* kdessh - front end to ssh
* kdiskfree - like 'df', a graphical free disk space viewer (+kwikdisk)
* kfloppy - format a floppy disks with this program
* ktimer - execute programs after some time
* kwallet - KDE wallet management tool
* sweeper - cleans unwanted traces the user leaves on the system

These programs got ported by our main v3->v4 porters and some, but then noone 
really cares for them.
I guess at least for the privacy and security related programs KWallet and 
Sweeper we should try to find dedicated maintainers. 
KFloppy and kcharselect would be sad to loose, too.
The rest would be not that critical to loose, but still:
KDF might get kicked to kdebase/something and become merged with the partition 
info module, the other functionality (un-/mounting partitions) might already 
be served by some plasmoid(?).
KTimer might have a small user community and could be turned into a plasmoid, 
e.g. merged with a tea timer or some other clock functionality.
Of what use is kdessh?

C) Not working/not compiled and without maintainer:
* klaptopdaemon - battery and power management, including KControl plugins
* kdelirc - frontend for the Linux Infrared Remote Control system
* kmilo - kded module to support various types of hardware input devices
* ksim - plugin based system monitor
I have no clue what these four submodules do exactly.
I suppose that ksim is obsoleted by solid+some plasmoids.
KDELirc and klaptopdaemon look like they should better end in Solid and 
kmilo might be a candidate for that, too?

I guess we agree that every program should have some kind of active 
maintainer, some people who feel responsible for it and have sufficient 
knowledge about it, if it is included in a KDE module.
So I would like to make a public call for maintainers for the programs listed 
as unmaintained above. And given that May 19th is Hard Feature Freeze, I 
would move all programs which will not find an active maintainer until May 
1st to tags/unmaintained/4.
Where should the call be done? dot.kde.org, commit-digest or/and kde-devel? 
What would be the effect to promotion (look, they loose maintainers, not 

Your input please.

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