Extragear tarball 4.0.3

Wulf C. Krueger philantrop at gentoo.org
Tue Apr 8 19:24:52 CEST 2008

On Tuesday, 08. April 2008 16:19:55 Tom Albers wrote:
> > The version number needs to change, that's a basic part of release
> > management.  If it's not done by the app author it should be done by
> > the release manager or just not released at all.
> It can not be done by the release manager as that proposal from me was
> denied (see the evaluation thread on these lists a couple months back).

In that case, it's really pretty simple and as Jonathan wrote: The stuff 
shouldn't be released then.

It will probably either help getting authors to do at least the most basic 
(!) step of a change and release management or get your proposal 

Best regards, Wulf
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