Hold Kopete out of KDE 4.0 final

Matt Rogers mattr at kde.org
Fri Sep 28 02:16:19 CEST 2007

On Thursday 27 September 2007 06:34:13 am you wrote:
> On Tuesday, 25. September 2007, Matt Rogers wrote:
> > > Is this still the case, given our new release date in December?
> >
> > Indeed it is. Kopete is basically in the same state it was when I wrote
> > this mail. :(
> How realistically is it that people will continue to develop or bugfix
> kopete if it is not released?
> Dirk

That's a good question. I know I'm still working on it, but I only have so 
much time and there are a lot of things that need to be done. 

All I see from releasing it with KDE 4.0 is the sheer amount of bugs that will 
come in. I also tend to look at from the point of view of things that aren't 
there and need to be done rather than what's currently there and working. 
Perhaps it's better to just release it and call it 0.50 instead of 1.0 like 
we were shooting for.


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