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Mon Sep 24 22:13:41 CEST 2007

> > > 5. Playing short sound files sometimes only plays the start of the sound
> > > (which can be almost nothing). This is a big problem for notifications.
> > > Some reported that this is a bug in xine-lib, but I have not looked into
> > > the issue.
> This is the show-stopper issue for us in games and kde-edu. KTuberling
> can be used to reproduce it if you need a test case. I would like to
> help with Phonon debugging, but I am not sure how my skills could be
> used.

I can use the help of everybody that can install a debug version of xine-lib 
(get xine-lib 1.1.8 and build and install with "make debug" and "make 
debug-install") and use a debugger.

/me goes and installs kdegames

> Where would be a good place to coordinate this effort? 

Either #phonon or IRC or phonon-backends at

> Also, is 
> the avkode backend still in development or in consideration for 4.0, as
> it could potentially solve some xine-lib issues?

The avkode backend is far away from release quality (currently it doesn't even 
compile). It needs a lot more work to get the media format support up to par 
with xine.

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