Konqueror questions.

Tom Albers tomalbers at kde.nl
Mon Sep 24 18:50:31 CEST 2007


While David Faure filled in the questionaire for the beta goals overview for konqueror, he raised some points that should be discussed here or at kde-core-devel. 

Let me quote him:

> I'm mostly aiming for "no regressions compared to KDE3", but I'm also open to
> usability suggestions
> while reworking things. For instance the kuick-plugin (Copy To, Move To in the
> popup) was deleted
> in kde-4.0, by the author who said "surely we'll have something more useable in
> 4.0, there were
> usability suggestions about this". But I don't know which, so right now we
> don't have anything :-)

Is someone able and willing to track this down?

> What I really wonder, though, is whether we can release KDE-4.0 without desktop
> icons. But I haven't talked to Aaron about that.
> I'm happy to drop the whole development issue of desktop icons (it's nothing
> but trouble and I don't use them myself...), but I wonder
> how users are going to react to that.

Konqueror is a beta goal, so we should answer this question soon. I've never thought about this issue, but I think it's pretty important. I've seen desktops where I advised to buy a bigger monitor to fit all the icons.


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