Questions About the New Schedule

Allen Winter winter at
Sat Sep 8 15:08:02 CEST 2007


A few questions have come up about the new Release Schedule.

1) Is kdelibs/kate exempt from the kdelibs freeze on 3 Oct?
[Ed: since the kate application may need to make fixes there]

2) Is kdebase/runtime/kstyles exempt from the kdelibs freeze on 3 Oct?
[Ed: since boemann told me that oxygen still needs a couple months]

3) Will SC+BC+UC* bugfixes still be allowed after the Total Freezes?
(*UC = Usage Compatible, i.e. non-semantic-changing)
[Ed: I think the real question is how "critical" do the bugs need to be?]

4) When is the string freeze?

5)  Should language bindings be part of the development platform?
Richard Dale says "Python and Ruby in good shape by late October, and possibly C# too."

Let's get answers back to the developers ASAP.


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