Release dates/nomenclature -- Revised proposal

Torsten Rahn torsten.rahn at
Tue Sep 4 15:16:54 CEST 2007

> October 22, 2007: Tagging Beta4 (Again, a Monday)
> October 30 2007: Release Beta4 (Beta4 is only 2 weeks long)

Having a Beta for two weeks long makes no sense.
Betas are made to get feedback from the people who are meant to test the beta 
Subtract 8 days for packaging from the 2 weeks and about 3-5 days until people 
manage to get the spare-time to look at the release. Then how much time do 
developers have left to fix the issue reported from the last Beta to get the 
feedback right in time into the next Beta? None. So in that case people will 
report the same bugs for the next Beta. Brilliant.

> November 13 2007: Tagging Release Candidate 1 (move closer to the freeze?)

Same issue there. Too little feedback. Releases are not only there to pressure 
developers to get working but also to incorporate feedback from the testers.

Personally I think the current suggested schedule is the first one that is 
close to being realistic. Except that I think that you won't be able to 
squeeze the release before Dec 20th without risking to delay the release 
highly likely again later on.


November 5, 2007: Total Release Freeze (a Monday)

November 20 2007: Release Release Candidate 1

November 21 2007: Tagging Release Candidate 2 (to close to -rc1?)

Definetely too close to gather any useful feedback that 

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