Release schedule clarifications

Tom Albers tomalbers at
Thu Oct 25 19:19:42 CEST 2007

Op wo 24 okt 2007 01:11 schreef u:
> I haven't checked the tags, but as far as I understood there's a special
> tag for each KDE4 (note: I don't mean the tag that has trunk/KDE/ in
> it) release, if your app from extragear appears under that tag  before
> the next KDE4 release is tagged that version of your keg-app gets
> packaged together with the KDE4 release. 
> So if somebody wants to ship his keg-app with KDE4 rc1 (or beta4) he can
> put it under that tag. If he then lacks time and doesn't want any more
> releases until KDE 4.1 he simply doesn't put his keg-app under the new
> tags for KDE4 rc2, rc3, 4.0.x

Not quite right. We discussed the above plan on this list. I talked to Dirk on IRC about that plan and I could not convince him that this was a good idea. I noted in the conversation that we should discuss it further on this list. That has not happened. 

There has been a mail from Helio on the keg-ml asking for the apps which should be released at kde-main release time, so that can be found in the archives. Also there are some apps/plugins coming from kdeaddons which should be released at the same time. 

I can come up with a list - although I think that's Helio's job, but I understand he cannot do it right now - but I need to know in which form/system.


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