To help the release management

Dirk Mueller mueller at
Tue Oct 2 10:02:59 CEST 2007

On Monday, 1. October 2007, Johann Ollivier Lapeyre wrote:

> I just saw there are maybe a plan to which KDE to bugzilla 3, but bugzilla
> 3 doesn't seems to improve these criticals points...

Bugzilla 3 supports flags on bugs, thats exactly the same like those release 
plans. It would definitely be a step forward to use such a tool for release 
management (not talking about KDE Games only here). 

> Could we think on a better KDE-wise tool and organisation? Should we
> (kdegames) build up your own tool to manage the module?

To be honest, Trac only works for single projects. even "KDE Games" would be 
too broad to track in Trac. It also doesn't help you in keeping wiki pages in 
sync, and learning yet-another-tool for yet-another-KDE-subproject is an 
additional burden for an outsider who might become interested in helping with 
KDE Games. if all you want to do is to lock in and have your own playground 
exactly the way you want to, then go for Trac. 


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