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Johann Ollivier Lapeyre johann.ollivierlapeyre at
Mon Oct 1 11:14:04 CEST 2007


To see what need to be done, communicate our work and see our own
objectives, we are currently using buzilla (which is hard to use), and many
wiki page, which are often becoming out to date...

On kdegames, we'd like to fix that (in fact, we WANT to fix that). And we
are thinking using a more modern management projet tool like Trac, to have
an much easier to use tool, communicate, to help each developper to see what
task it must do, and especially to have a common and up to date "release
view" (example from the Videolan project):

I just saw there are maybe a plan to which KDE to bugzilla 3, but bugzilla 3
doesn't seems to improve these criticals points...
Could we think on a better KDE-wise tool and organisation? Should we
(kdegames) build up your own tool to manage the module?
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