Move most of kdesupport to extragear

Allen Winter winter at
Sat Nov 10 22:09:23 CET 2007

On Saturday 10 November 2007 10:14:04 Tom Albers wrote:
> Hi, 
> As a conclusion to the thread this week I want to propose to move everything   except kdewin32   to extragear/libs.
> The reason is that as far as i know all libs in there have provided tarballs which are the requirement for KDE. 
> KDE does not depend on kdesupport anymore, but on those tarballs as some projects have not been following
> the release schedule of kdelibs.
> Without objections before next wednesday, I will start preparations to do the move the monday after that.
> We need to inform kde-core-devel and adjust techbase articles.

Since these libs are not KDE-based, then they probably don't belong in extragear.
And we are so close to the release.. I'm afraid to muck too much with things right now.

If the packages are willing to go along with the KDE release schedule,
then I think they should stay in kdesupport.  If they want a completely
different schedule then we need to do something else.

In the case of qca, Justin makes it pretty clear that version 2.0.0 is what
they expect people to use in KDE4.0.0.  So... I think the best thing to do is:
 1) remove qca from the kdesupport/CMakeLists.txt
 2) change the build instructions to say that qca should be installed from
      distribution packages or from source code
 3) leave the rest of kdesupport as is

Comments on this?

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