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Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Mon May 28 21:17:32 CEST 2007

On Monday 28 May 2007, Urs Wolfer wrote:
> KDict:
> * not maintained for the last (probably 6) years
> * small userbase: relatively few bugreports, even if the app is not in the
> best shape.
> * not working at all in kde4: action and networkstuff need almost a full
> rewrite
> => remove

yes; not to mention it reimplements networking and all sorts of other stuff 
that we now have in kdelibs or Qt. this is due to its heritage, being an app 
from the old days. it could probably be replaced by a couple hundred lines of 
code today...

> KWifiManager (wifi):
> * last maintainer (Stefan Winter) supports the removal
> * no support for WPA; Solid supports it -> networkmanager will / does
> provide everthing that has been provided by KWifiManager
> => remove


> KPF:
> * not maintained for the last years
> * not working in trunk (not even ported; disabled from build)
> * small userbase: relatively few bugreports, even if the app is not in the
> best shape.
> => remove


> KNewsTicker:
> * should be replaced by a Plasma based solution; but Plasma is not ready
> atm. * see "Worried about knewsticker" thread on k-d
> * not working the last time i tested it
> * bigger userbase: a lot of open issues on b.k.o
> => keep it at the moment; probably remove it later when there is a good
> Plasma alternative

yes; we will be making an alternative for it; in fact, i was just discussing 
some possibilities about this last night on irc in #kde4-devel =) but yes, 
i'd like to keep it where it is for now, at least for reference, and we can 
move it out when we have a replacement for it. (hopefully within the next 
month or two)

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