Creation of kdevplatform module

Alexander Dymo dymo at
Thu May 3 12:03:19 CEST 2007

On 5/3/07, Allen Winter <winter at> wrote:
> I'm talking about the policies dealing with a public API. i.e, dpointers, inline
> methods, apidox, .. stuff like that.

Basically we either adhere to kdelibs policies here or strive to.

>  I didn't mean coding style.   The licensing
> must be LGPL, BSD, or X11 (same as kdelibs).

The license of the libraries in the module is LGPL, the license of the
plugins in the module is LGPL or GPL depending on the plugin.
We do have the requirement for libraries to be LGPL-ed, but I don't
think this requirement fits the plugins.

> And i still think kdedevlibs would be a more appropriate module name.
> Or maybe kdesdklibs.

Please take a look at this thread
and to the voting results:

The name "kdeveloplib" was proposed but didn't get many votes.

> Release management of this new module should be put under the KDE umbrella.

We'd like kdevplatform to be the part of KDE releases of course, just
like kdevelop and kdewebdev. We won't be ready for 4.0, but there's a
chance for 4.1 or later versions.

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