Creation of kdevplatform module

Matt Rogers mattr at
Wed May 2 17:33:51 CEST 2007

On May 2, 2007, at 8:05 AM, Allen Winter wrote:

> On Tuesday 01 May 2007 9:59:45 pm Matt Rogers wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The KDevelop developers, in conjunction with the Quanta developers
>> have started an effort to create a set of APIs that assist in the
>> creation of development related applications. Currently, this code
>> resides in the trunk/KDE/kdevelop module under the lib subdirectory.
>> We'd like to factor out this code, in addition to some plugins to be
>> shared by both KDevelop and Quanta (and other users of the API), to
>> it's own module under trunk/KDE called kdevplatform.
> The module name should be "kdeXlibs", no?  perhaps kdedevlibs?
> Oh, I see you want plugins and libs together. then could this fit  
> under kdesdk?

We want the module name to be kdevplatform because we're calling our  
APIs and common plugins the KDevelop Platform. I don't think this  
fits under kdesdk either since we don't want to depend on kdesdk.

>> Is this possible at this point in the release cycle?
> Yes, theoretically.  We don't mention anything about big moves
> like this on the release plan.
> IF we were to do this.. then
> + The new module should be in place by 8 May.
> + The libs code should follow typical kdelibs coding policies and  
> licensing
>    requirements by the first beta release (25 June).  And kdevelop  
> and quanta
>     should be using it.

Is following kdelibs coding policies a requirement? KDevelop has its  
own coding style. Why can't we just follow that? What happens if it  
won't be ready for KDE 4.0 (which it won't be)?

> Or something like that.
> -Allen


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