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Wed May 2 17:25:19 CEST 2007


Yesterday, we did the kdegames review. We succeeded in having a common point
of view about it, how hard it can be. Here the result:

Improved KDE3 games keept for KDE4.0:
- knetwalk
- kgoldrunner
- kolf
- katomic
- konquest
- kpat
- kspaceduel
- lskat
- kbattleship
- ksquares
- kblackbox
- klines
- kreversi
- kbounce
- kmahjongg
- ksame
- kmines
- kshisen
- kwin4

New in kdegames:

- kiriki
    succeded in kdereview
- ksudoku
    move to kdereview
- bovo
    we have to contact the autor to see if he want to move on kdereview

Still unknown:

- ktuberling
    Candidate to be removed, but this is a really needed game. We are
looking to see if it can be saved
- ksirtet (tetris clone)
    keep libksirtet and ksirtet but we'll remove them if ksirtet will not
progress before the 1st june
- kbackgammon
    a candidate for removal if the maintainer does not work on it before the

Not ready for KDE4.0 (must mature to be in 4.1)
- kollision
- ksirk

Moved to playground:
This is too soon for the blackhole (all this game compile, are using
cmake...) and can be resurected:
- atlantik
- kfouleggs
- klickety
- kpoker
- kenolaba
- kasteroids
- ksnake
- ksokoban
- kjumpingcube
- ktron

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