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Cornelius Schumacher schumacher at
Fri Mar 16 17:04:40 CET 2007

On Friday 16 March 2007 16:37, Allen Winter wrote:
> Would there be any major objections to shifting the entire plan forward
> by 1 month?
> Reasons:
>  1) The subsystem freeze on 1 April is only 2 weeks from now and we
>       still haven't finalized the roadmap.

Which subsystems do you expect to be added to kdelibs which won't make it for 
April 1, but will be able to make it a month later?

>  2) I was chatting with some of the core devs this morning, and there is
>       still *lots* to-do in kdelibs.  (eg, no gui in core, no qt3support in
> kdeui+kio; all BC-related, so it can't be done later)

These all sound not like they would be affected by the subsystem freeze and to 
the kdelibs soft API freeze there still is quite some time.

>  3) more time to arrange a kdelibs dev meeting

As this should be a small meeting to be efficient, I don't think we need too 
much time in advance. In fact for example piggying back on the meeting Simon 
mentioned might be easier than to arrange something new a month later.

> So, 1 May would be the subsystem freeze, with 1 month added onto
> all the other milestones.

Wouldn't it be better to try to go with the aggressive schedule and move 
things later in case we really aren't able to make it?

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