[V2.0] KDE4.0.0 Release Roadmap

Cyrille Berger cberger at cberger.net
Mon Mar 12 18:12:06 CET 2007

On Monday 12 March 2007, Johann Ollivier Lapeyre wrote:
> > This is the most strategic stuff for KDE, IMHO.
> >
> > he said " 4.0" not "kde4".
> Of course. But we could loose the marketing impact of the KDE's lunch.
> Couldn't the OSX/Win32 port ready enough to release at least KDElib as a
> "technology preview", bundled with 1 or 2 tested application? So we could
> start to communicate about this, and get input/ideas/developpers.

The OSX ports people allready release snapshots ;) See,

But at this point it's hard to say if something goes wrong in the application 
because of something specific to mac os, or because of bugs in kdelibs or the 

Cyrille Berger

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