[kde-ev-marketing] [Kde-hci] Suggested release schedule for KDE 4.0

Harald Fernengel harald at trolltech.com
Thu Mar 8 19:57:07 CET 2007


Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
>> * Qt Accessibility Framework: In middle-term perspective, all widgets in
>> kde*libs and kdebase should provide the Qt Accessibility Framework with the
>> necessary information to allow their use by users with disabilities (screen
>> readers etc). The Qt Accessibility Framework changes in Qt 4.3 are done by
>> Harald Fernengel and other Trolltech developers, so we depend on the Qt 4.3
>> schedule. Harald, would it be possible for someone at Trolltech to complete
>> a kde*libs/kdebase widget API review for accessibility needs within one
>> month?

Rather unlikely, I'm afraid :(

> would potential changes result in API changes, e.g. such that they would be 
> source or binary incompatible?

Yes and no. Usually, the accessible interfaces are provided in plugins,
so the code won't be in memory unless an assistive technology is active.
  If the plugin needs more information than the public API provides, we
have to extend the public API or we add a hack, the good old
kde_private_give_me_the_info() exported C method.

Another way would be to add the accessible interface to the same
compilation unit as the widget itself. The accessible interface can then
access all private data. For not-that-complex widgets, the code "bloat"
would be neglectible.

> where can one find information on what sort of accessibility blockers need to 
> be checked for in the API?

Basically, whatever information is displayed on the screen should also
have some form of API to access it. Whatever interaction is possible
through mouse should also be possible through API.


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