[RFC] Draft Roadmap for KDE 4.0

Alexander Dymo adymo at kdevelop.org
Mon Mar 5 20:46:01 CET 2007

On Saturday 03 March 2007 23:54, Tom Albers wrote:
> feature freeze					- 2 may
> After this date the kde main modules are frozen for new features. No new
> features are allowed, the focus is from now on on stabilizing the
> applications and fix all bugs. This is also the date that all the
> maintainers of the main kde modules need to indicate if they will follow
> this schedule or will divert and will not be released together with kde
> 4.0.
The feature freeze date is totally unrealistic for KDevelop. I can't speak
for other applications, but I guess they'll have troubles too.

That's actually fine. We can delay KDevelop release till KDE 4.1.

Still, I have two suggestions. 
First, why don't we delay any freezes until Akademy ends?
And second, I think this plan will make us rush into 4.0 release.
Is that really necessary?

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