[RFC] Draft Roadmap for KDE 4.0

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Mon Mar 5 19:40:25 CET 2007

A Dissabte 03 Març 2007, Tom Albers va escriure:
> Hi all,

I'm astonished, no comments for now, that can only mean that everyone agrees 
with you or that noone as a clue.

> Sebas pointed out that we need to setup a roadmap to the KDE4 release. As I
> think setting deadlines will actual help to reach goals, I've taken the
> time to setup a draft roadmap to KDE4.
> I've no experience in release schedules nor do I know the state of kdelibs
> or any other kde4 module, but I feel a draft document makes discussing
> things much easier. So here comes a draft schedule, lets work on the points
> and dates and publish it after that on the current Techbase page.
> kdelibs soft api freeze + alpha1 release		- 2 April
> This is the the point where kdelibs api is frozen. That means that the
> classes and interfaces are not allowed to change anymore. That means the
> end of the famous bic Mondays.

That's one month from now only, i'm not a libs developer, but it seems to few 
for me, true is that you leave the door open for changes, so maybe it's just 
me :-)

> If for one reason you feel the api should change, you need to post a
> kdelibs api exception request to kde-core-devel with the reason and the
> code. If there are no objections after a week, you can commit the changes,
> but all the kde main modules must compile and work as expected.
> kdelibs is also i18n frozen, exceptions can be asked on kde-i18n
> mailinglist. The release will not include translations.
> feature freeze					- 2 may
> After this date the kde main modules are frozen for new features. No new
> features are allowed, the focus is from now on on stabilizing the
> applications and fix all bugs. This is also the date that all the
> maintainers of the main kde modules need to indicate if they will follow
> this schedule or will divert and will not be released together with kde
> 4.0.

So have we really decided we want to go on with KDE 4.0 not beign a FULL 
release, that is, maybe not shipping kdepim? For me that'd be a loss, but 
maybe it's the best we can do, get 4.0 as fast as possible to start regaining 


> message freeze					- 2 June
> After this date the main modules are frozen for new messages. Exceptions
> can be asked on kde-i18n mailinglist.
> beta cycle starts					- 2 Juli
> From this date on every month a beta version will be published, this will
> be repeated until most grave bugs are resolved. Translations are included
> from the second beta. kdelibs api is now frozen.
> release candidate cycle starts, total release freeze.	- 2 September
> A RC will be released. If there is no grave bug in that release, kde 4.0
> will be released, else new release candidates will be released every month.
> When the first release candidate there is a total release freeze active.
> This means that you can fix serious bug reports but nothing else.
> Before the first release candidate there will be a made of lists of
> languages which will be included in the KDE 4.0 release. This is based on
> the rules as usual.
> KDE 4.0						- 2 October
> Toma

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