Are We Ready? Beta1 vs. Alpha3

Tom Albers tomalbers at
Tue Jul 24 16:09:42 CEST 2007

At Tuesday 24 July 2007 15:59, you wrote:
> On Tuesday 24 July 2007 15:32:12 Tom Albers wrote:
> > That can be solved during the beta period, non?
> Why do you think that? It sounds a bit based on being hopeful to me :) 

I think that because when there is a public beta, more users will use the software and run into these problems. Hence increasing the pressure on the developers responsible for that part (or annoy a developer so much that he will fix it). 

> The 
> point of showing this dialog was that some very basic assumption that I 
> bet is lined through all of this module has been broken since Qt4. And 
> that's not your ordinary bug.
> I've been having (and posting reports on k-c-d about) this problem for the 
> whole time since I started using the PDF creation framework from Qt4. Sad 
> reality is that nobody seems to be really working on kdeprint.
> So, I hope it can be fixed[1]; how can we find out?

I think all developers have a list of most hated bugs in kde4. On the top of my list is the broken KWallet, which makes developing a mailclient very hard. Again, I'm not saying your bug is not important, but it is a bug and _can_ be fixed during the beta period, it's not enough reason to extend the alfa period for it. 


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