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Allen Winter winter at kde.org
Sat Jul 14 16:30:24 CEST 2007

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Subject: Re: KDE 4.0 Feature Freeze
Date: Saturday 14 July 2007
From: Henrique Pinto <henrique.pinto at kdemail.net>
To: winter at kde.org

Hi Allen,

On Sat 14 Jul 2007 09:44, Allen Winter wrote:
> Keep in mind that we really want to concentrate on simply "making things
> work" in the 4.0 release.  We can add lots more goodies with later
> releases.
> In summary, please respond if you:
>  - know about a new feature that can't be started before 25 July AND
>  - think this feature is critical to the 4.0 release AND
>  - want the freeze delayed

I'm refactoring Ark (kdeutils/ark) in a branch. I'll probably end most of 
the rewriting/fixing until July 25, but I won't have enough time to 
(re)write plugins for a lot of archive formats nor for integration with 
Konqueror/Dolphin context menus.

I'm not really sure Ark can be considered critical, but I consider the 
version in trunk unusable and I would really like KDE 4.0.0 to be able to 
read and create the most common archive formats.

Therefore, I would like the freeze delayed if possible.


	Henrique Pinto
	henrique.pinto at kdemail.net


KDEPIM Developer
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