the "gamma" proposal - details that need working out

Allen Winter winter at
Thu Jul 12 23:55:59 CEST 2007

On Thursday 12 July 2007 11:50:00 am Dirk Mueller wrote:
> On Monday, 9. July 2007, Alexander Dymo wrote:
> > As a russian saying states, do not call the devil your brother... Why
> > inventing names instead of shifting the schedule by 3 months?
> We're not shifting by 3 months, we're just waiting 3 months for KDE 
> applications to catch up with the KDE 4.0 release.

When you say "KDE applications", do you mean KDE applications
that aren't part of the main kde modules (kdebase, kdepim, etc?).
For example, I think of digikam and amarok as "KDE applications".

(We really need some new terminology)

> Coincidentally, it would  
> be a good reason for splitting into a kdelibs and a desktop release 
> (mountainview would be the KDE 4.0 desktop release then) and also align us 
> with the open source heart beat (like discussed at aKademy). 
Now we are back to my original concept of a KDE SDK release.
Which got shot down pretty harshly IIRC.

In my original proposal, the KDE SDK contained kdelibs, kdepimlibs,
man pages+docs, and helper tools (basically kdesdk/scripts).

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