Release Schedule: RFC

Jason Harris kstars at
Tue Jan 16 18:01:11 CET 2007

It may be too early to think about a release schedule, but maybe we can 
discuss the current state of the code and how much core development remains 
to be done.

We have already reached the point where API changes in kdelibs can only happen 
once per week, which is a pretty good sign that we are approaching API 
stability.  What are the future plans for the "API mondays" policy?  

I'd like to hear the opinions of kdelibs/kdebase devs about when they think 
core development will enter the spit-and-polish stage.  We should also hear 
from the various modules about the state of trunk development there.  Then 
maybe we can think about a timescale for the release.

Speaking for kdeedu, the major porting work is complete, and everything is 
compilable and runnable.  Some apps (e.g., kalzium) have made great strides 
in adding new features.


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