Some Thoughts on Releases (Kludge and the Future)

Allen Winter winter at
Sun Feb 25 16:53:49 CET 2007

On Saturday 24 February 2007 5:08:15 am Sebastian Kügler wrote:
> Moin,
> On Saturday 24 February 2007 02:13:56 Allen Winter wrote:
> > A few comments regarding the process and the announcement.
> > In no particular order.
> >
> > - I suck.  Sorry I didn't help more with Kludge.  I didn't even have
> >   time to test the release tarballs.
> We all suck :-)
I suck even more for not saying "thanks" to all of you who actually did
the work to make Kludge happen.

> > - Did we agree on the plan for a Software Development Kit (SDK)
> >    release to occur before a full desktop+apps release?
> >    If so, we need to discuss what should be in the SDK.
> I had discussed this with TT's Knut, and we should definitely try to get them 
> involved with that. Trolltech wants some kind of SDK as well. Goes together 
> well (at least for most parts) with that idea.
Do you mean that Knut wants TT to put together a Qt SDK that
dovetails somehow with a KDE4.0 SDK??

> > - We really need to get more release managers.
> >    I know Jason sent out a couple of nags.
> +1
Joseph Gaffney!
We really need someone to organize kdegraphics.

> > - do we have an oxygen style KDE4 logo?  by logo, I mean something
> >    like the "10 years KDE" picture on
> Not yet, but surely something to bring up with the Oxygen team. I'll take that 
> to the promo people.

Aaron and I were discussing the logo a bit on #kde4-devel last night.
Last I remember we had a flaming anime pony on the logo :)

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