Some Thoughts on Releases (Kludge and the Future)

Allen Winter winter at
Sat Feb 24 02:13:56 CET 2007


A few comments regarding the process and the announcement.
In no particular order.

- I suck.  Sorry I didn't help more with Kludge.  I didn't even have
  time to test the release tarballs.

- Did we agree on the plan for a Software Development Kit (SDK)
   release to occur before a full desktop+apps release?
   If so, we need to discuss what should be in the SDK.

- We really need to get more release managers. 
   I know Jason sent out a couple of nags. 

- I see that milliams started a KDE3 -> KDE4 porting tutorial at
   That tutorial should be improved and a link provided with
   the next release announcement.  The current tutorial
   provided on is lacking.

- not that it matters much, but I sorta would have expected
   to receive a message to this ML regarding the naming and timing
   of the latest snapshot release.

- perhaps the announcement on the dot should have had a
   link to the download site. 

- I was a bit stunned to see the announcement mention "summer 2007"
  for the KDE4.0 release.  maybe for an SDK we can hit that target. maybe.
   but it's good to have a goal.

- all that being said, I think the announcement was very well written.

- do we have an oxygen style KDE4 logo?  by logo, I mean something
   like the "10 years KDE" picture on


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