Shipping a cursor theme with KDE

Riccardo Iaconelli riccardo at
Fri Dec 28 00:55:14 CET 2007

On Thursday 27 December 2007 14:43:23 Kevin Ottens wrote:
> Since I got addressed personally I'll reply. Note that it'll be the last
> mail from me, this topic just got too many mails already...
> Le jeudi 27 décembre 2007, Riccardo Iaconelli a écrit :
> > ¹ Yes ervin, I know you had some problems some time ago with cursor
> > themes that showed up some bugs, but please specify better. You only said
> > that once you've seen some problem happen, with no more infos. If you say
> > it like this it's like you haven't said anything. I'm using just two
> > subtle animations in the whole theme, so I presume it won't be something
> > more problematic than, for example, DMZ (default in many major
> > distributions now).
> You completely missed the point, the thing is:
> 1) Even what you call "pure artwork"[*] might trigger issues,

What kind of issues? The only one I can eventually find is them becoming 
boring, or inappropriate for a long term use. And here I'm sorry but I'm not 
really willing to accept your judgment. Experts in this topic have evaluated 
and approved the theme, working in the whole process of defining something 
nice and appropriate for the long-term everyday use.
If you have other issues in mind, please tell, this is really the only thing I 
can imagine. =)

> 2) Then, it's really too close to the release because it didn't get
> widespread testing.

What would be the testing needed for cursors? The proof that they will work 
well also in one year? Then I already answered you just above.

> [*] And you're having a very relaxed definition IMHO, cursor theme have a
> special treatment and can ruin user experience.

See above.

Still, maybe it's me, but I don't really get your point.
For what I understand, the practical reason for deadlines (apart for 
translations) is to avoid regression before a release, and be sure to have a 
consistent and finished product. So this is not the case, the complaint 
doesn't apply to this situation.

Oh, and about the "sends the wrong signal to people" this is not true, at 
least from how I understant this theme. Because I do think that this is not 
really a new feature, or at least it's not at the same level of code: 
consequentially it's not (and it should never be) subject to the same kind of 
freeze and treatment than a new feature, say, in okular, would receive.
This is just a new piece of art that cannot harm, just like a new icon 
committed in SVN is.
And sorry for stressing a bit this metaphore, but this *is* actually the case!

Hope this helps claryfing a bit more.

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