Shipping a cursor theme with KDE

Sebastian Kuegler sebas at
Thu Dec 27 15:21:36 CET 2007

On Thursday 27 December 2007 14:43:23 Kevin Ottens wrote:
> Since I got addressed personally I'll reply. Note that it'll be the last
> mail from me, this topic just got too many mails already...
> Le jeudi 27 décembre 2007, Riccardo Iaconelli a écrit :
> > ¹ Yes ervin, I know you had some problems some time ago with cursor
> > themes that showed up some bugs, but please specify better. You only said
> > that once you've seen some problem happen, with no more infos. If you say
> > it like this it's like you haven't said anything. I'm using just two
> > subtle animations in the whole theme, so I presume it won't be something
> > more problematic than, for example, DMZ (default in many major
> > distributions now).
> You completely missed the point, the thing is:
> 1) Even what you call "pure artwork"[*] might trigger issues,
> 2) Then, it's really too close to the release because it didn't get
> widespread testing.
> [*] And you're having a very relaxed definition IMHO, cursor theme have a
> special treatment and can ruin user experience.

I'd like to add it, but not as default theme. This way it gets more exposure, 
doesn't break anything and makes the artists team somewhat happy. They do 
have a say in this kind of decisions, to a degree where we just have to trust 
We did indeed exempt artwork from the freeze at least partially. It is very 
late, but this way we minimise the possible negative impact and yet give the 
users something extra...

Can we settle on adding the Oxygen-cursors non-default?
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