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Sebastian Kuegler sebas at
Tue Dec 18 12:20:19 CET 2007

On Wednesday 12 December 2007 22:04:20 Allen Winter wrote:
> For 4.x, where x >=1, I think we need to require maintainers for all our
> modules.

While having a maintainer for a module or an application, I don't think it's 
realistic to *require* modules that have no maintainer. What would we do with 
modules that don't have a maintainer? We cannot simply remove those ... 

On the other hand, having a maintainer doesn't guarantee that everything is 
peachy. I'm all for trying to sucker people into becoming maintainer, or at 
least show more responsibility towards the release process, but it's nothing 
we can put in terms of 'hard requirements'.

> And, I think we need to consider consolidating some modules out of
> existence. We might consider merging kdeutils, kdeaccessibility and kdetoys
> for example back into the larger modules or into extragear.

Having bigger modules on the one hand decreases the amount of coordination, 
but it can also make it harder to find someone to act as module maintainer.

> If we had a kdesdk maintainer this person would have been more aware
> of the kompare issue and hopefully would have handled it better than I.

Yup, having maintainers, or at least people that feel responsible for a 
certain part is something that helps the release-team making quality 

> And there are still apps that haven't been ported, with their code laying
> around in trunk.  We should have a list of each application with its
> maintainer.

It'd be interesting how many more of those 'borderline' apps we have lying 
around, I didn't really keep track of that ...

> Anyway... something to think about for the near future.

Yes, thanks for bringing it up. As a first step, we should communicate clearly 
those 'orphaned' modules, and maybe point at people we deem good candidates 
for maintainership.
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