What to do about Kompare?

Mauricio Piacentini piacentini at kde.org
Wed Dec 12 01:31:51 CET 2007

release-team-request at kde.org wrote:

 >I'm with Matt here, as much as i'd love a kompare on KDE 4.0 we began 
 >unmaintained games and not allowing new ones in kdegames quite a time 
 >actually when the schedule said so, so if we had applied the the same 
 >rule to
 >kdesdk, kompare would have been out of KDE 4.0 already months ago.

Just to give some context to this, we actually had a deadline for 
removing unmaintained and unported games in July 2007, according to the 
initial schedule. And we stick with it, naively :) After that date, 
nothing as well moved from playground to the module, including games 
that are mostly done, and we ended up removing more apps in the last 
couple of months as their state was not great. The effect was that the 
games module lost some of its momentum, due to our willingness to play 
by the release schedules. Looking back it was maybe a stupid idea, and 
we should have continued working on the playground ones, moved them to 
the module after the deadline, and we would had a tetris and a breakout 
game for 4.0.
Suggestion: for 4.1, I think we should really try to follow the 
schedules we propose to ourselves. Or break the rules when needed, in a 
global way for all modules. I understand that not adding Kompare for 4.0 
can have an effect on the motivation of the new maintainer, but I can 
also guarantee you that allowing it to go in (a done deal) also has an 
impact on some of the members of the games module that will not have 
their apps in 4.0 because they missed the July cut, and stick by the 
To finish, I also think we really need to get this 4.0 thing out, as we 
are stressing about smaller things almost daily :)

Mauricio Piacentini

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