Fwd: [Kde-pim] Request to exclude KMail from the KDE 4.0 release

Allen Winter winter at kde.org
Fri Dec 7 00:49:08 CET 2007

Dear Release Team.

Yes, KMail is really as bad as indicated in the enclosed message.
And so are many of the KDEPIM apps.

Only KAlarm, KTimeTracker (formerly KArm) and a few other support tools
will be ready for release.  I can't see KMail, KNode, Akregator, Kontact or KPilot
being ready .. unless we have a Christmas Miracle.  Maybe KOrganizer will be ready.

David Jarvie, Thomas and I are the only ones putting any real time into KDEPIM.
But, alas, we failed to make much progress with such a huge module.

I tried my best.

Anyway... how to proceed?  Simply leave out the kdepim -4.0.0 tarball?

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Subject: [Kde-pim] Request to exclude KMail from the KDE 4.0 release
Date: Thursday 06 December 2007
From: Thomas McGuire <thomas.mcguire at gmx.net>
To: kde-pim at kde.org


OK, here is my offical request to keep KMail out of the KDE 4.0 release. There 
are too many things badly broken (see list below), and there is only me and 
some occasional contributers working on KMail for trunk.
I definitly don't have the time to fix these problems myself, even though we 
have another month until KDE 4.0 is released.

I stronly oppose releasing KMail in the current state, because of the grave 
problems (like mail loss) it has. It would ruin its reputation and the users 
would be rightfully angry and disappointed.

So please, exclude KMail from the release.
Can this be done when tagging the release (or release canidates)?

The question then is of course what to do with Kontact, as KMail is one of its 
most important components.

Any thoughts?

The list of the biggest problems (there are many more small problems of 

Sends HTML mail by default, apparently with wrong content-type so nobody can 
read it.

According to Dmitry Suzdalev, using POP3 with Google Mail has many timeout 
errors (confirmed by me) and is even deleting mails from the server without 
retriving them.

Mails bigger than ~13 kB can not be sent.
To quote Thiago: 
>"The problem is: kio_smtp is using TCPSlaveBase, which I had ported to  
QTcpSocket, but reverted due to no SSL support. So, please don't continue  
your port. Bear with the 1440 bytes limit or help me write the new SSL  

>"Make SSL work first. Then all problems magically solve."

So this won't work until the new SSL framework arrives.

The editor is totally broken due to the incomplete port to KMeditor in 
libkdepim. This is probably also the cause of 1). Some problems include fixed 
font not working, no green quote font, HTML mode suddenly being enabled after 
editing drafts/outgoing messages, HTML code appearing after changing 
identities, broken spellcheck, incorrect toogle actions and probably many 
The broken editor also prevents KNode from sending mails.
Fixing the editor properly would take much time.

Encryption stuff propably does not work at all. Nobody looked at it during 
porting and on the krush days somebody reported that it doesn't work.

IMAP seems to have some bad bugs:

I guess the IMAP port is not entirely completed.


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